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Swap Party 2024

January 20, 2024


Our swap party was so special✨- we gathered to share our things, played dress up, danced, snacked, and hung out by the fire getting to know each other better, met some new friends, and snagged cool stuff from within the collective!

A HUGE shoutout and much love to our incredible host, Angelica Castro of InLight Massage Therapy (@InLight on IG!).

We love nothing more than when two badass ladies connect at an event and then keep connecting again and again out in the world. This event was no different, two attendees arrived as strangers and left as collaborators. 🫰🏽🫰🏽🫰🏽


The remaining items were donated to Berry Good Buys.

Owned and operated by SafeHaven since 1988, Berry Good Buys is a local favorite among Fort Worth thrift shoppers.
Women and children in shelter and other SafeHaven programs can shop at the store at no cost – whether they need furniture for their new apartment, clothing for an interview, or shoes for their children after fleeing home in the middle of the night.
Not a client but still looking for a good deal? Stop by Berry Good Buys for the best finds - 100% of the proceeds from your purchase will give safety to survivors.

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