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Coffee and Connect Journaling Edition

Updated: Feb 5

January 24, 2024

Leaves Tea Shop has a new location ——>Inside Stir Crazy Baked Goods<-— we met there for this month's coffee & connect.

Shout out to our host, Tina Howard, owner of both companies and all around awesome 🙌🏽. We were thrilled to hear from her; about her passions and recent changes, plus we got to see her in action.

✨There were warm bevies, so many ladies, cool connections and a cozy, silent, group journaling session.

☕️🥐Drinks and delicious pastries.

📓Giveaway- two journals were raffled from the RSVP list.

📝Paper, pens, art supplies and journal prompts were provided.

🫶 We shared journaling experiences, various processes, struggles, desires, insights and tips.

Did you know Apple has a new app called "Journal" that automatically downloads with the recent update?

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