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She redefines success.


To me, She Dares Collective is an alternative ladies networking business group.

I see it as business and life integration, a holistic business community, laid back but still focused on making an impact. I really like the focus around business because being surrounded by other women doing cool stuff is inspiring.

I found you at a great time when I had just moved here. It’s been a great way to get connected with women and get support online, with referrals, and collaborations. I estimate about $11,000 in client work came from the connections made in the group. Thank you for that!

JOcelyne Lopez Farmers Agent (1)_edited.jpg

Jocelyne Lopez

You don’t know where to start when you feel like you need a mentor. Being part of this group allowed me to hear different thoughts from a diverse group of women with opinions and advice.

It opened my eyes to women and businesses I didn’t even know existed.

Beccau Waugh_Cards.jpeg

Becca Waugh
Designer| Owner @sleepypantherdesigns

I am thankful for the opportunity to know other women and connect with the entire community. It’s the community aspect that I value most. Entrepreneurship can be a lonesome road. Thanks for including me.

Meghan Jarell.jpeg

Meghan Jarrell
CESP|Experience Expert | 
Owner @MoxxieConcepts

I needed to know that it’s OK to be in your T-shirt and sports bra at 1 o’clock in the afternoon on a Monday and you can still run a business. …


I don’t go there feeling like I need to have on a pencil skirt.

Be part of the community.

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