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She Dares Collective was started to create a safe, inclusive space for women to show up authentically, confidently and get support to do big things. We gather to share our stories, celebrate, collaborate, showcase our expertise and make life easier for all of us. 


"After attending lots of networking groups while trying to launch my software startup, I realized that mainstream networking groups didn’t quite address what mattered to me as a female, non-traditional, entrepreneurial, neurodiverse, Latina, mom boss."

Yanira Borges, Founder 

I felt like none of the really important stuff was being talked about anywhere!

So...She Dared!


She Dares Collective was created because I knew there were millions of women around the world longing to be seen, to be heard, and to be supported differently. We all just want accessible support that meets us where we are and helps us feel grounded, sane, inspired, and confident. I founded She Dares Collective as a way to address this need, because I personally really needed a community where I could keep showing up 'perfectly imperfect'.


This group is among the first to offer a holistic approach to supporting women- we go beyond the traditional business networking and acknowledge the entire woman- including mental health, hormones, finances, and orgasms. We set goals with soul, we hold each other accountable and we protect our big fat dreams. We have hundreds of women in our community doing big things and we would love you to become one of them.  


Join us and take part in upcoming events like coffee connections, virtual coworking, group accountability meetings, workshops, happy hour, and more.

With deep love, respect, admiration, support, and a huge smile,


Meet Yanira


Yanira Borges

Operational Organization Nerd - Performance Improvement Pro
- Mother of two & Tech Founder

Yanira is a positive powerhouse fueled by an "it can be done" mindset. She's energetic, encouraging, and brings people together to get things done. If you are looking to bring your vision to life, to scale and grow, or simply gain peace of mind, you will want her on your team.

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Be part of the community.

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