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She Dares- Yanira Borges and the power of authenticity- by Erin Ratigan

"I want to change the metrics on how we measure success and how we define wealth. I would spell it W-E-L-L-T-H."



The One to Know team behind this article, from left to right:

Erin Ratigan- Writer

Jocelyn Tatum-Executive editor

Adrienne Martinez -Graphics & Owner



Yanira Borges- Multi-Preneur & Ops Nerd


Hair & Makeup

Aston Evada-The Art of Allure- Novak Hair studio


The Art of Allure is all about empowering you to feel your best and express yourself freely and confidently. With seventeen years in the beauty industry, Aston is an internationally published hair stylist, and a makeup artist with expertise in film, editorials, and all things digital appearance.


Marissa Heyl- Symbology Clothing

Symbology is out to make fair trade sexy. They merge artisanal fabric techniques with fashion-forward designs


Maria- Maria Flash Photography

"I love artistic challenges. "

"My passion is capturing people in a way that tells a story or grasps a hint of their soul"

-Maria Flash

Cover art-Perler Beads

Megan Zamie- Tidepool Productions

The cover took 17,399 beads & 20 hours 2 hrs to get the hummingbird shape down

Behind the Scenes

What to wear?

Before, during, and after hair and make up

Behind the camera with the photo crew.

OTK Cover art is made by hand first and then photographed and edited for the front and back cover. This cover took 20 hours! Way to go Megan Zamie & Tidepool Productions. This is incredible and so personal.

As for the writer, editor, and designer at OTK.... they are like the fairies behind the scenes bringing everything together, making it all look lovely and feel magical.

-Heartfelt thanks to all of you for your time and for sharing your talents with us.

May we continue daring.


Quotes from the article

"I want to change the metrics on how we measure success and how we define wealth. I would spell it W-E-L-L-T-H."

Yanira says women shouldn't be trapped by antiquated ideas about powering through.

"'Power through,’ I’ve learned, looks different. Doesn’t always have to be with force. Sometimes it is with a pause. Sometimes it is with your breath. Sometimes it is with gentleness.”
-Yanira Borges


Magazine preview party - OTK Thursdays


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