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State of The Cervix Recap

May 2024

Planned Parenthood of Greater TX

💪🏽We partnered with Planned Parenthood of Greater TX, and heard from Alex Strawn, Community Outreach Specialist.

We got an update on PPGT's health services, the state of abortion access & reproductive healthcare in Texas, and how we can advocate for reproductive rights in our community. 

🍽️ We kicked off the evening with yummy bites from Chadra Mezza Grill and drinks at WineHaus, both woman owned businesses .

Our intros included lots of talk about preferred menstrual hygiene products and noteworthy menstrual moments. 🩸

🎯Followed by an interactive game of listing as many variations to the word Vagina as we could think of. We ended up with a list of close to 50!

Noteworthy "Vagina" Variations



Down there


and soooo many more...

We collected donations to the menstrual hygiene drive and felt really good doing that. We loved it so much we plan to do more volunteer work with PPGT! Stay tuned for more.


Then we covered the good, the bad and the ugly about the state of reproductive healthcare in Texas = 🚨Texas’ extreme abortion bans continue to jeopardize pregnant people and providers.


We will be sharing more information, resources and taking action alongside Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas. For now, we are still processing it all.

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