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Dare to be true to yourself.

Welcome to She Dares Collective.

We are all about community, meaningful connections, and supporting women doing big things, while we network, have fun, and grow personally and professionally. We host monthly coffee meetups, purpouse-driven social hours, virtual co-working sessions, accountability groups, and workshops that transform boss babes at all stages in the journey.

All are welcome.

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Be Badass

Educational, motivational, and inspirational events are at the core of our membership community. We hold space that provides opportunities to equip women with tools, confidence, and validation of their ideas.


Our diverse member-driven programming includes business events, health, wellness, spirituality, and lifestyle topics in both digital and in-person formats.

We focus on the entire woman, orgasms and hormones included.

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Marrisa Heyl,
Impact Designer + Storyteller

She Dares welcomes a diverse range of artists, healers, makers and other women often excluded from business groups. I’ve been a member of various women in business groups over the past 10 years and have never seen anything as envelop pushing and inclusive as this. 


Adrienne Martinez,
Founder + Owner of OneToKnowMagazine

Businesswise, I made connections with women I probably wouldn’t have connected to otherwise, 

It has also brought us a lot of awareness about all the other women in action and wanting to try something new. We have gathered a lot of cool information from all the connections and I love what you are doing for other women. 

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Katy Dellis
V.P. of Business Operations Staffing Done Right

Being new to She Dares, what I feel like it’s done for me is open the door to meet other amazing women that are also resources for spiritual healing and making more of a connection with healthy, like-minded women after so much isolation.

Thank you, this is all so inspiring and the help is needed.

She's in good company...

"We created this space where it’s OK to be late, it’s OK to be scared, just get in here, we are all perfectly imperfect.


And everyone’s really kind and open. So, there’s a culture of welcoming."

-Yanira Borges, She Dares Collective Founder

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