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Reconnect and Recalibrate-Sept Mtg Recap

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

May I just say..... yay 🛎! That meeting was just what many of us needed. Thank you Erika Cole Gillette for sharing your time, energy, and your tools with us. It was great to see soooo many lovely faces again :)

*For those of you couldn't make it today this is a recap of the meeting.

**Here's the link to download the printable journal we discussed today if you haven't done so already.


Quick Announcements:

1-She Dares Collective will be co-hosting a Year-End/Qtrly Planning Session with Erika sometime in the next two weeks to get clear on our priorities. More to follow over the weekend.

2-The City of Fort Worth has released a second round of grant funding on September 8th, it is available to both non-profits and small businesses with less than 500 employees. It is my understanding that even if you applied to the first round of grant funds through this program you are also eligible for this round of funds. Here is the link for more information

The deadline for these applications is October 2nd.


Meeting Recap:

The group and I got a lot out of our time together talking about setting goals that are realistic, living intentionally, balancing personal and professional needs, and keeping it real with ourselves and our boundaries.

We reviewed goal setting with intention to get grounded with what matters most so we can finish the year with grace, dignity, and pride.

-Erika walked us through the Weekly Goals Journal that she created to cure the problems other journals presented her.

-She walked us through the philosophy and purpose of the journal, showed us examples of the questions and answers and the general flow of it. It's an interactive tool, meant to be referenced throughout our days, to keep us connected to what is important deep inside, not just focused on the 'urgent' stuff.

-Having a clear quarterly plan along with clear core values will drastically improve the process and chances of success + ease.

-Let's acknowledge that our last quarter of the year isn't really Oct-Dec. It is Sept to Nov (insert holidays, family, time off of school)

-If we start planning now, in September, it gives us a little more time to execute something before the year ends.

-So many of us were interested we decided to co-host a Quarterly Planning Session with Erika sometime in the next two weeks to get clear on our priorities before September ends.

-We will use her quarterly journal at that time, for those who want to participate in the quarterly session please email or chime in on our FB Group.


-Introductions and Wins

*We went over the hour and did not get to hear from everyone. Sorry, we are rusty from the summer!!!!!

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